Steve urkel

Steve Urkel


Remember that show Family Matters? Well after they brought it back there was a never released episode from 2003 the episode was called: The end of Steve, After making the episode it was replaced with little big guy, The episode only aired once and was never shown agian after that! i got to talk to the producer of the show about the episode and the producer gave me a paper with a Family matters website with all the episodes i am not going to say it. for many reasons you will understand right now i found an unknown video that just said Family Matters on it i clicked it a file was loading i went to read my history paper then i herd i big beeping noise coming from upstairs, My computer went crazy! it was running very slow!!!! it shut off then it restarted, as i suspected everything was gone anyway the storie began like this:

Steve was walking in the house saying hello to the winslows but Richy,Eddie,And Waldo were not in it! anywho steve askes out Laura but she refuses and he has a small complaint then Carl comes in and shoots Steve and he collapes and Laura screams and the screen gets wavy! and she runs out of the house and blood is on the floor then shows a picture of a guy crying for 1 minute. then shows The winslow family at a church saying goodbye to Steve then Carl goes outside the church to give flowers to Steve's tombstone and the last video shown was the winslows on a random couch in there house, In the production of the episode the producers had an idea for season 1 being about life and horror in the making of this episode the pepole who viewed it wanted more of a darker plot for an episode like one the the characters dying with more of a horrific way of words.

Speaking of those ways, I had a vision of Family Matters Being Terrifying like as such as i saw in this episode, It was horrible! i will never look at "Family Matters" The same way agian!. My life was good being a producer but this is the reason why i quited, Because one worker at "Warner brothers" Was Drugged and Drugged the other employees. How do i know!, i was there at the time. But all was silent.

For all details, That is all i have for you, Because i forgot every other detail from that horrible day. It was a good plan, To get rid of the Website adress on the paper and burn it in ashes. How could you explain the possibilitys for that happening, It was terrible. At the time i was outside at a Fleamarket and i saw the episode on a tape but i just ignored it. So whatever you do, Never ever buy a tape with the title "The end of Steve" on it.